What is Denise's Motivation?


Getting to sit in my garden, drink coffee and read!

Reading about writing = inspiration = I write

21 days makes a habit – I once read somewhere that you had to do something for at least 21 days in order for it to become a habit. I wrote “21 days makes it a habit” on a neon pink sticky note and stuck it to the mirror attached to my bureau. I didn’t write every day. But, years later the sticky note is still there as a reminder. For me, getting to sit in my garden on a beautiful, summer morning, drink a cup of blueberry coffee, and read about writing is the perfect way to establish a habit. Some days I write and most days I do not but I am on my way to establishing a routine. Once summer finishes and I head back to work I will have to change my routine again, but by then the habit of reading about writing every day or writing will be established. And I can work with that – that is a practical goal. As Kristi Holl, blogger and author of Writer’s First Aid Getting Organized, Getting Inspired, and Sticking to It, wrote in her book, “…to be able to write consistently, this is a skill you absolutely must develop.”

Eventually, my goal will be to write every day.