Meet Harold the Rooster!

Harold the Rooster

One day in July, a bantam rooster showed up in our yard and decided to stay. Named by my husband, Harold softened our hearts and was a joy to watch. We often made jokes about needing to find him a girlfriend.


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Handsome Bantam player tired of roaming, looking to turn over a new leaf and settle with a fine lady.

Harold enjoys bugs, crowing, dirt baths, and leisurely walks around the neighbourhood. He is a real traffic stopper!

Finding the coniferous trees adjacent to lot 3107 a bit too breezy last fall, Harold moved into new lodgings. He settled for a darker home boasting more acreage - hiding out in a grove of trees farther from the flow of traffic, with easy access to a garden and a constant supply of bird seed. Then winter struck and Harold realized he did not like snow!

With clear intellect, Harold decided he was ready for another move.

Harold has now taken up residency in a one story, olive green shelter with lots of available space. He is searching for roommates who would be willing to share the rent fee, which incluldes clearing the garden of pesky little insects and chasing off wild turkeys. Any roommate would need to be willing to share the surrounding estate with a friendly canine. Harold believes in an “open door policy” so roommates would need to be in a state of awareness and have a sense of self-preservation. Ladies with broods are not unwelcome.

If interested, contact