Denise's Writing Prompts

Sometimes the shortest paragraph, sentence, phrase or word can trigger creativity. Try some of these and see where your ideas take you.


Prompt #1

You walk outside, coffee and magazine in hand, on a beautiful Saturday morning. You intend to sit in your gazebo, read from your writers' magazine, and then do some writing when as you pass by your vegetable garden you notice a mysterious plant growing.

Prompt #2

Walking through a forest of white birch on the night of a full moon, the silvery moonlight reveals something in the undergrowth.

Prompt #3

Imagine this scene and where it will take you on your journey: A coffee cup lid startles you as it rolls across the road.

Prompt #4

You wake up one morning to discover that you had an unusual visitor throughout the night who has decided to take up residency in your backyard.

Prompt #5

Finish this descriptive setting to create a scene: There is green and brown, as far as the eye can see, splashed with touches of rustic orange, the light colour of bark and bare bushes.

Prompt #6

As the rain pounds down, the black asphalt gleams as the lights reflect off its surface. The faster you try to go the more you need to slow down. Frustration fills you as you realize that no matter how soon you want to get there it will take longer than you want and you begin to wonder if you will make it in time.

Prompt #7

Two people come into the café during the chaotic lunch time rush. They enter separately, seem to have a completely different sense of style and identity yet they sit down to a table in the far corner of the room together. Who are they? How did they meet? What brings them together?

Prompt #8

Make a list or come up a list of phrases to explain that someone is not well or is feeling sick.

Prompt #9

Describe a tree that exists in the present or from your childhood memories. Use your senses to be descriptive and make sure to show - not tell.

Prompt #10

What type of water speaks to you – a river, stream, brook, pond, or does it come in another form? Why does it speak to your soul?

Prompt #11

Your main character has been in a terrible accident. Write about this climactic event. What goes through his or her mind at this time of crisis?

Prompt #12

Indulge yourself in the memory of your favourite sunset. Set the scene and let it play out with an interaction between two characters of your choosing.

Prompt #13

Sometimes it helps to brainstorm. Create a web or write a list of topics that interest you.

Prompt #14

Two cartoon characters encounter each other at the mall. Under what circumstances do they meet? What is the resulting conversation?

Prompt #15

While venturing home you pick up a hitchhiker. Describe the character and create a conversation between him/her and yourself.

Prompt #16

Write a list of words or unusual ways/phrases to describe the act of eating.

Prompt #17

What do you know about zodiac signs? Research and read about them. Create a character that has exaggerated features and traits of yours or another of the signs.

Prompt #18

Create a game among friends. Set the rules. Then describe or explain a conflict that arises as a result of the game.