My Writing Goals

Writing it down on paper helps me to make a commitment to my writing.


July 2005

Writing Goals

  1. Take a writing course for me
  2. Become more organized
  3. Learn to write and write well
  4. Develop my vocabulary
  5. Learn more about grammar and writing
  6. Learn to express my thoughts on paper
  7. Determine the best time for me to write & set up a spot to inspire creativity

July 2012

Summer Writing Goals

-Make a plan to develop my writing platform:

  • Get a domain name, website, and email account
  • Set up a website
  • Research blogs
  • design business cards with contact information


  • bio
  • resume
  • pieces to use as writing samples (ie. book blurbs, chapters, etc)

-Take pictures for use on website

-Enter a writing contest

October 2012

Fall Writing Goals

1. Re-organization of my writing & writing materials

  • File cabinet -  clean out and dedicate to writing
  • Colour coded file folders - create files for copies of: Work in progress; Templates; Resume; Biography; Organizations; and Website copies
  • Files - glue manuscript tracking chart to front of files holding work in progress
  • Writing Portfolio - file its contents away into filing cabinet
  • Internet - reorganize my bookmarks for easier access

2. Send for more sample magazines

3. Study sample magazines & take notes

4. Research National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

5. Search for writing organizations that specifically target writing for children (books & short stories)

6. Write a list of steps (To Do list) for each project or work in progress

November 2012

Fall Writing Goals

1. Get it back out there!: Make revisions suggested and send manuscript out to another writing contest

2. Take workshop (series of five sessions for writers of all levels) with E. Alex Pierce: Landscape & Memory: Finding a Voice

3. Buy a new notebook just for the writing sessions

4. Re-read my information from the workshop with William Kowalski: The Power of Memory: 7 Easy Steps to Writing Your Memoirs

5. Check my Institute of Children's Literature Course Manual for information on standard number of pages for a picture book

6. Add new writing prompts to my website

7. Write!!

December 2012

Winter Writing Goals

1. Find and purchase a copy of The Wind in the Willows

2. Keep Going!: Read and continue to use The Wind in the Willows as an inspirational springboard from which to write

3. Re-read the writing that came out the five sessions with E. Alex Pierce and add, cut, and cultivate it

4. Research SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

5. Create a blog

6. Purchase decorative and inspiring notebooks for writing in the new year